There is going to be a City Council meeting on December 16th (5:30 pm, Henry Baker Hall, City Hall) to vote on where body rub parlours will be zoned (i.e. were they are allowed to operate) in Regina. To speak at the meeting (max 5 minutes), speeches need to be sent to clerks@regina.ca by December 10th at 1:00 pm. Here is a summary of what happened at the last meeting (Nov 20th):

  • City Administration recommended they be allowed in both MAC (Major Arterial Commercial) and Industrial zones. MAC zones are places like certain commercial areas on Victoria (where many parlours currently already exist), Broad, etc.

  • They also recommended they be deemed “discretionary” instead of “permitted”. Discretionary means each parlour would have to appear before Council for a vote to determine if they are allowed to open.

  • They also recommended 183 m (one block) separation distances between schools, churches, daycares and other parlours

  • Four members of the public spoke

  • Councillor Barbara Young brought forth an amendment recommending parlours only be allowed in Industrial zones. There was then significant discussion about:

    • The effect of parlours on being near residential homes

    • Permitted vs. discretionary options

    • Separation distances and further recommendations

  • There was a preliminary vote (result: 6 in favour, 4 not in favour) recommending parlours only be allowed in Industrial zones (IH – heavy and IL – light) as a discretionary use.

  • This was not a final vote. The final vote is on December 16th.

While Freedom Catalyst advocated for banning parlours during past meetings, this was voted down in September. Our next best recommendation was to be zoned in the Industrial area as a discretionary use – exactly what was preliminarily voted for at the last City meeting. However there are several other improvements that could be made (see the form letter below).

Part of the reason why Council preliminarily voted against parlours being in MAC zones is due to the public outcry on how they don’t want them in Regina, but especially not near residential homes. We need to keep voicing this concern!


Please take action and let your voice be heard by:

  1. Speaking at the Dec 16th meeting (speeches due Dec 10th at 1:00 pm – send them to clerks@regina.ca).

  2. Attending the meeting – we really need as many people as possible to attend and show your support! Even just your presence there speaks volumes.

  3. Phoning the Councillors/Mayorhttps://www.regina.ca/city-g…/city-council/city-councillors/

  4. Sending the Councillors/Mayor a letterhttps://www.regina.ca/about-…/contact-us/contact-councillor/

  5. Please share this information on social media and with your email contacts.

Here is a form letter to use if you desire:



Dear City of Regina Councillors and Mayor Fougere,

I am writing as a Regina citizen to express my thoughts and concerns related to the proposed recommendations on how to zone body rub parlours in Regina. It is well known that body rub parlours in Canada can be hubs for human trafficking, sexual exploitation, organized crime, and illegal activity. I would like to voice my support for the following:

1. Industrial Zoning – while I do not support body rub parlours operating anywhere in Regina, since banning them was voted down, I believe the next best option is to have them limited to Industrial zones only. Having them in MAC zones brings forth significant problems such as normalizing illegal activity in our society, inviting criminal activity into that area, reducing the desirability and real estate value of surrounding businesses and homes, and it creates even more safety concerns. The major safety concerns occur indoors, and when more clients attend parlours (when they are in high traffic areas such as MAC zones), this creates even more safety concerns for the workers, clients and surrounding community.

2. Separation Distance from Residential Zones and Dwellings – the Regina community has made it very clear during past consultation/meetings that we do not want body rub parlours near residential zones or dwelling residences. In the current adult entertainment zoning bylaw, body rub parlours are restricted from being within 182.88 m (one block) of both. The current recommendations have removed this restriction. Please keep this restriction with at least 182.88 m - or more. Even one block is still within the daily sphere of use/influence of many residents, and more than one block is recommended. There are Industrial zones that are directly next to a Residential zone. There needs to be a clear boundary between the two for where body rub parlours can operate.

3. Separation Distances from Churches and Gymnastics Centres – the current City Administrations recommendations propose restricting parlours from being within 182.88 m of sensitive lots, schools, parks, daycares, community centres, and other parlours. The current bylaw also restricts them from being near churches as well. Please keep this restriction for the new bylaw too. As of September 2017 churches were allowed in the Industrial area, and some already exist there. Also please add a separation distance from gymnastics centres due to the large number of children that attend these businesses. I also desire even more than a 182.88 m separation distance from all of these places as well.

4. Discretionary vs. Permitted – due to the sensitive nature of body rub parlours, please keep them as a discretionary use. While it may create more administrative work, I believe keeping it as a discretionary use is critical since it allows for proper community input and review. The current zoning bylaw also classifies parlours as discretionary, and this should remain unchanged.

5. Industrial Tuxedo Zone (IT) – the current zoning bylaw (Chapter 5) restricts body rub parlours from being in the Industrial Tuxedo zone. However, with the new zoning changes, IT is being changed to the more common IL (light) designation. Please continue to restrict body rub parlours from being able to operate in the Industrial Tuxedo zone.

Thank you,


{Full Address}


Thank you everybody for your help on this important topic! If you desire more information, please check out the following links:

Most Recent City Administration Report (for the Nov 20th meeting) – the first 44 pages: http://reginask.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx…

Proposed New Zoning Map: https://regina.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html…

Map of Industrial zone (IL and IH combined): Appendix E-1 on the first link above (pg. 43)

Current Adult Entertainment Zoning Bylaw (pg. 23): https://www.regina.ca/…/pdfs/Zoning-Bylaw-9250-Chapter-8.pdf

Current Zoning Bylaw Showing Where Adult Entertainment is Allowed (pg. 18): https://www.regina.ca/…/pdfs/Zoning-Bylaw-9250-Chapter-5.pdf

Regina Body Rub Parlour Update

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